About Flaugnac


2000 years of history

The Bastide of Flaugnac (“villa de Flaviaco” or “blond town”) is the oldest village in the area. The site has been inhabited since the start of our calendar era.

Originally it was inhabited by craftsmen, and in the middle ages, by the local nobility. In those days, the central part (the "Castrum") consisted of a fortress with houses owned by the nobility, from where a large part of the Quercy was being governed. Through the centuries, the village has suffered from wars and plundering, but the strategic location kept attracting local inhabitants.  

A listed site

Now, the once so mighty Flaugnac is a small, peaceful village, still proudly positioned on a rock, high above the Vallée de la Lupte. Flaugnac is a listed village.

Les Terrasses de Flaugnac

The property "Les Terrasses de Flaugnac" is situated at the edge of the old Castrum and is one of the oldest remaining buildings in the village. Come and explore the history and the beautiful surrounding landscape from your holiday home.